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I am very pleased with both my experience and treatment at Atlanta Human Performance Center. I have been in physical therapy for about 13 months and I know there is definite improvement. They say people very seldom remember an entire day but moments last forever and the moment I realized I could do little things again was priceless; it really does matter when you can do the little things again. I was a skeptic until proven wrong by their therapy program that consistent treatment does help. I have and will continue to recommend the services of Atlanta Human Performance Center.

India Hall

Having had a double hip replacement and then a knee replacement I felt like the bionic woman. With a stiff knee and unable to bend and walk properly after a knee manipulation, a long term therapy program was needed and I found Atlanta Human Performance Center with a professionally trained staff and the appropriate equipment. My prior problems have been solved and the center has become my personal fitness program. Goodbye to pain, stiffness and weight problems.

Bettye L. Sain

I have received very professional effective care as a patient at Atlanta Human Performance Center. I have severe Osteoarthritis and consequently I suffer with a lot of pain and stiffness. Since being treated by Mr. Evans and his professional staff I am able to manage my condition much better and maintain and still enjoy some quality of life. This staff is like the battery charger that keeps me going. I used to be in so much pain I could not lift my arms high enough to comb my own hair and there were many other things I could not do. I don't take pain relievers and Mr. Evans has worked with me tirelessly to improve my condition and help me maintain a level of fitness and reduce the pain to a minimum. I have appointments twice a week but I know I can be seen any time it's needed. I appreciate so much Mr. Evans and his staff I wish every patient could have a great therapist like Mr. Evans.

Jessie L. Phillips
Community Leader

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