Our Practice

We Improve Human Performance

The Peak of Performance

It’s what we strive for at Atlanta Human Performance Center, and it’s the standard we set when working with each patient. That’s why performance is part of our name. Atlanta Human Performance Center is a comprehensive physical therapy and sports medicine private practice that specializes in preventing, assessing, treating and rehabilitating injuries. In addition, we specialize in fitness enhancement.

Making the Difference

Optimal Care

That’s what each patient receives.  Our well-trained, professional staff makes the difference at Atlanta Human Performance Center by monitoring a low ratio of patients to therapists to provide personalized treatment. Since opening the Center in 1983 as Executive Park Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Center, Dr. Keith E. Evans, PT, has established a reputation for providing each patient with a program that gets results both safely and quickly.

Evans received his physical therapy degree from the University of Missouri at Columbia in 1981. He is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association, Physical Therapy Association of Georgia, Atlanta Health Professionals Association and Atlanta Chamber of Commerce.

Physical Therapy

Personalized Programs

Each patient receives an initial evaluation, which is followed by a treatment program designed specifically for him or her. Throughout the treatment program, our patients are provided with education about the body, proper body mechanics and correct posture so that they can avoid reinjury when they leave our care.

We administer outpatient physical therapy by physician referral only. The patient’s progress is closely monitored by the therapist, and in turn, this information is relayed to the referring physician. Our goal is to return the patient to an optimal level of activity as quickly and safely as possible.

Sports Medicine

Sport-Specific Physical Conditioning

Our sports medicine division encompasses the disciplines of physical therapy, exercise physiology, and athletic training. Prevention, emergency care, acute care, rehabilitation, training, and competition are all part of a continuum. Our team of sports medicine specialists includes surgeons, physical therapists, an athletic trainer, an exercise physiologist, and a nutritionist.

Our training and conditioning programs are sport-specific, not gender-specific. All athletes, both male and female, perform exercise programs for muscle strengthening that include skill components of the specific sport in which they are participating. Typical treatment involves initial relief of pain, followed by sport-specific exercises for increasing strength, endurance, coordination and range of motion. Following this supervised instruction, the amateur, recreational or professional athlete can usually return to activity at his highest level with minimum risk of injury.

Fitness Enhancement

Total Fitness

Exercise should be important to everyone. That’s why Atlanta Human Performance Center also offers a medically-supervised fitness facility to help you maintain good health. No, we are not a health club. However, we are committed to providing a professional and safe environment to strengthen your entire body and to help you reach your optimum human performance level.

In addition to individualized programs, we offer computerized wellness testing, human performance testing, and executive fitness programs. The fitness center is located at 3250 Hogan Road adjacent to our main office.

For more information on any of our programs, call (404) 346-1526.