“I would like to say “Thank you so much” to Dr. Evans and his wonderful staff for helping to improve my quality of life. What a blessing! I had a total right knee replacement in May 2019. I started physical therapy with Dr. Evans three days after surgery. I was provided exercises that increased the flexibility and strength in my knees and legs .Dr. Evans had me riding the bicycle within the first week of therapy. This really boosted my confidence in my ability to get back to walking with a “normal” gait and no pain. The staff was very caring, kind, patient, encouraging and knowledgeable. This staff functioned as a team to assure that clients received adequate care in a timely, dedicated and professional manner. I also enjoyed the atmosphere of soothing and relaxing music being played during the physical therapy sessions. After two months of therapy I am walking again with no support, no pain and no problems.”

Buretta S.
“I am William shepherd a retired educator. One day after my seventy third birthday, I had rotator cuff surgery to my left shoulder. Over the past four years, I had been exercising three times a week at the Atlanta Human Performance Center. I noticed that Dr. Evans and the staff were quite professional and attentive to the clients. Therefore, I decided to entrust my rehabilitation to Dr. Evans. This was the best decision I could have made. According to my surgeon’s orders, my rehabilitation therapy sessions started three weeks after surgery. Immediately, I recognized three key characterisitics of Dr. Evans and his staff: corteous,competent and caring. Dr. Evans designed and gave expert oversight to my rehab sessions. The goal was to minimize pain and maximize confort and healing. Therefore, we worked in the boudaries of the precriptions in therapy sessions and home exercises. Within three weeks of rehabilitation, I noticed a remarkable improvement in range of motion. Upon my return to Dr. Lee, my surgeon, he was very impressed with my progress. My healing has gone well and my range of motion is normal. I continue to exercise weekly at The Atlanta Human Performance Center. The atmosphere and comradere for workout is great. The staff peeps over my shoulder and monitors my progress. I cannot ask for a better wellness center. William R. Shepherd, Ed.D”

William S.

Patient Testimonials

  • After having hip replacement surgery Mrs. Hand was surprised that her procedure and rehabilitation were both virtually pain free – her secret weapon pre-surgery physical therapy exercise. In this video she and Dr. Evans discuss the benefits of pre-surgery physical therapy exercise and how it can be used as a secret weapon for RAPID post surgery recovery.

    Regarding Atlanta Human Performance Center, Mrs. Hand states, “I love this place. I feel I am important and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. So many places that you go, it’s like you are just a number or a face but I feel like a person here.” “I have had a marvelous experience here. Everyone is just lovely and they have treated me so good.”

    Barbara hand

  • Mr. Charles Johnson has experienced pain in his right knee like none-other! This pain started in college when he injured his knee during a pick-up game of touch football. After the injury, he underwent reconstructive knee surgery. Over the years, arthritis “set-in” but he continued to live with the pain.

    Most recently, Mr. Johnson went hiking at a nature preserve where things really took a turn for the worse. As he maneuvered up and down the various elevations of the path, he experienced a pain that literally stopped him in his tracks.

    After an evaluation from his referring orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Arthur L. Raines of Resurgens Orthopaedics – Dr. Raines determined that Mr. Johnson’s knee had reached a place of “bone on bone and advised him to have total knee replacement surgery. Mr. Johnson agreed to have the surgery and has since been on the “Road to Recovery.”

    Post-surgery, Mr. Johnson completed a couple of weeks of in-home physical therapy but later chose the team at Atlanta Human Performance Center for rehabilitation.

    Dr. Milann D. Hepburn, PT, DPT one of Atlanta Human Performance Center’s newest doctors of physical therapy has been working with Mr. Johnson. She states, “Mr. Johnson has progressed from walking with a walker, to walking with a cane. Today, he is walking without ANY assistive devices!”

    Although Mr. Johnson has experienced some pain, he is making great progress! He states, “Dr. Hepburn has been really good recognizing that I have an issue with pain. She has done a really good job working with me and being patient and the results are beginning to show. So, I am quite happy!”

    Upon completion of physical therapy, Mr. Johnson is looking forward to running a full 40 yards in 4.4 seconds, he jokingly states. But truly, he is simply looking forward to being pain free and going on long walks and hikes again.

    Mr. Johnson states, he would absolutely recommend Atlanta Human Performance Center and paraphrasing the words of Dr. Keith E. Evans, Founder and Director of Atlanta Human Performance Center, Mr. Johnson states, ‘Physical therapy is going to be a hard journey but if you fight through it, the results will be positive in the end.’

    Charles Johnson

  • What happens to a patient after he or she has had total knee replacement surgery? They must choose a physical therapy practice and begin the process of recovery. Tony Phillips chose Atlanta Human Performance Center for his physical therapy needs. Please watch as he shares his experience in our “Road to Recovery” series.

    Mr. Phillips states, “I would recommend Atlanta Human Performance Center to anyone that needs any type of physical therapy. Dr. Evans is one of the best in his profession – in the entire city! He is a doctor of physical therapy; he has had his practice for over 30 years – so he has seen just about everything that you can think of! I just think, he is one of the best in his field and he has a staff that reflects that as well. So, I would strongly recommend Atlanta Human Performance Center for any type of your physical therapy and rehabilitation needs.”

    Tony Phillips

  • It’s 6-year old Nevaeh B.’s last day of physical therapy at Atlanta Human Performance Center – she and her mom share a heartfelt message regarding their experience with our doctors of physical therapy.

    Danielle & Nevaeh Bryant

  • “I became a patient at AHPC due to plantar fasciitis and some balance issues. On my first day of arrival I was greeted in a very courteous and professional manner by all the staff. The entire staff appeared to get better every day. I always felt at ease in the office. The knowledge skills and abilities displayed during my treatments are worthy of praise. I left much better off than when I started the treatments. I would recommend AHPC to anyone who needs physical therapy in order to improve/enhance their quality of life.”

    Jimmy F.

  • “When I first came in to AHPC my pain was 9-10 on the pain scale. I am feeling so much better; my pain is 1-2! The staff is very helpful, professional, friendly and kind.”

    Annie D.

  • Dr. Evans and his staff were very knowledgeable and professional. After 24 treatments, I have no restless leg syndrome, no pain or tingling in my arms and fingers, I am sleeping at night. My results have been excellent! I would refer any patient to this office for treatment.”

    Vivian S.

  • “GREAT! I am a living, walking testimony! AHPC’s physical therapy has done wonders for me. After having bilateral hip surgery (replacement) and months of physical therapy, I can now run, walk, play, garden, and most all activities at home or way. There is no limit!”

    Alma S.

  • “I’m in better physical health than I was when I came two and a half months ago. I can contribute this to AHPC and my physical therapist.”

    Allie N.

  • “The first day I came to AHPC, I was in such pain I could hardly move. My entire body was hurting! Today, after weeks of physical therapy I feel much better! The therapy has been amazing, (to say the least). I leave today with a zero rating from a ten on my first day.”

    Gladys H.

  • “When I first started my physical therapy, I had moderate pain in both knees, which sometimes became intense in the left knee; I also could not bend by knees to stoop down. After my physical therapy treatment, I no longer have pain in my knees and I can bend and stoop without pain. I can also walk 20 miles without pain in my knees.”

    William J.